Leaders lie like the criminals they legislate against,

While we hold them to a higher standard,

We get pandered to,

As they tell us what they want us to fear.

And so the end draws near.

We can not be divorced from our doom.

But our doom does not mean our end.

It means judgment.

Every world we’ve known is a memory, and we lament our faulty past.

It led to this age, and this age is the last.

If the age that’s first is truly best,

Be Homo Habilis and forget the rest.

Not perfect but worth it,

No medicines but entheogens,

Yet even then,

You see women,

Worn out…after clubbing.


Through Water

What can you see with two eyes?

You need true eyes.

Tune your mind to the clear skies and leave the storm behind.

Walk through the rain and wash away what you would only wash and keep.

Keep only what you need.

You don’t need what you’re leaving behind.

Walk to me and leave wet footprints so all will know the path.

The way to come,

Through water.