All I see existed before I thought my first real thought,
And now, to think, soon what I see could soon be rendered “not.”

The trees cut up for paper, fresh nukes to keep us hot,
While my mind runs like a river to a land that time forgot.

But I don’t long for long lost past,
Though curious just when time began,
I hope to sing a song to last,
And to hear its rhyme again.

Beauty springing from inside,
But with the outside internalized,
We quickly see a deep divide.

We let them “free” us all from nature, thinking we freed ourselves from harm,
We bought into glitzy architecture when we should have bought the farm.

Now our days are numbered, and though that’s nothing new,
We are far more encumbered by the list of things to do.

Save the forests and the trees,
And the fishes and the seas,
And the polar bears too please,
While you’re here.

Never mind wealth,
Forget your money
Laugh for good health, though nothing’s funny!
The current sea level is well above the pier.

Don’t cry,
Don’t shed a tear,
Warm salt water’s not scarce I fear,
Though the wolves and the honey bees may be.

It won’t be long until it’s us,
An endangered species- from iron to rust-
Because we failed to act on what we see.

As for all the beauty that’s nearby,
It could be gone soon…that’s no lie.