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A New Chapter

“To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back…”~ Quaithe to Daenerys Stormborn, A Clash of Kings

I’m a reader who loves a good turn of phrase, and never more so than when I can apply it to my life. Last week I had the rewarding opportunity to “go east” for a week to help my father help take care of my mother after a surgery on her back.

My biggest take-away was the poetic role reversal. Getting up throughout the night, preparing meals, helping to stand and walk; she was like my baby. She even tried to show how she could do something herself and then flopped, chuckling her own small failure. And what parent hasn’t doted on a child’s ability only to be met with a blank stare or a shy grin when performance time comes?

I may not go to every family function, but I appreciate the functions of family. We are the ones who are going to be there for one another. No¬†questions asked. No obstacle impeding. I know my parents would knock down walls to do for my sisters and me. They already have. And when they couldn’t, they loosened the bricks so we could do the rest.

So this wasn’t about getting paid. This was about payback.

But I do want to talk about getting paid.

Now that I am back “west” the next part of my journey is due to begin as I wrap up my tenure at Guilford Technical Community College in the next two weeks, and then go forward by “going back” to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Not as a student this time, but as a full time employee at the university’s Jackson Library.

I can’t overstate my gratitude and excitement about this. I have the opportunity to expand my current skill set, continue working with the public, and ultimately to remain in an academic library, while surrounded by my best friends: books!

And all of this in a library where I worked for four wonderful years. I left a lot of good energy circulating around that place. Looks like it’s called me home!


The Prisoner

Feeling really empty now,
But I don’t think it’s hunger.
Feeling all of twenty-five,
And wishing I were younger.

Caught by Love in a gilded cage,
To serve my current term.
Bound by bars unbent by rage,
To keep myself from harm.

A swift escape, my single wish,
I contemplate each night.
I punch and kiss with shackled wrist,
Which fight will give me flight?

At times the guard,
Loves own cruel self,
Will display the world,
Or someone else.

I can not touch,
Bound as I am,
This lust so much,
For a single man.

I twist and turn, but am held fast still.
I’m changed by this, and lose my will.
I lose the world,
And someone else,
Because Love first made me lose myself.