And the memory calls back. You saying-

“If I come in while you’re sleeping, don’t get up on my account.”

But it was inevitable. You are so like the sun,

And I, a mere man, diurnal to the last.


Dying to earn.


So I rise up when your face sets it’s light on my side of the globe.

And I will only rest once it’s gone.

All through the week, the light you give me- I work it away,

Only enjoying it at weeks end,

When you come and quicken me,

And once again my week begins,

And I work until I’m weak again.


You see, work is an art, and mine imitates death,

Because life does.

So many little deaths,

Trying to get it right with nightly practice.

My own was wordless and without motion,

Under a warmth of blankets pressed down like hair,

The layers echo patterns outward from my body,

Tartan, Paisley, Kente, and a patchwork that tells the story I’m to dream that night.

They cover my head,

So I close my eyes.

In that moment I know nothing but the darkness,

And it is peace.