Part I.
He tells me he likes Chess
I’m more intrigued now than before,
I’ve only known him for a few hours but I’d like to know him more.
We met easily enough, like eyes across a room.
We learned one another, and laughed with ease at our new knowledge.
Throughout the night we flittered around each other,
Bugs around a streetlight.
Sharing stories and barbs, we learned one another.
He learned I was interested, but in no way was I pressed.
I learned he was the same, and plus, that he liked chess.Part II.
“So you like playing games?”
“No. Devising Strategies.”
“To get as many pieces as possible?
“No. To win.”
“You mean… to get the king?”
“So are you looking for a king?”

Part III.
From across a board they have been placed, each spying his counterpart.
Pieces move around them, caught up in the game.
The two sit, peering across the expanse, crowns atop their heads.
Some mistake them for queens, but they know their truth.
They know they are kings. Limited but sought after. The prized pieces.
Everyone wants them, but they want each other.
There is distance between them, but they come close together for a short time.
They meet, but like eyes meeting across a room, it is only for a moment.
The connection is brief but lasting.
Now they move away, back to their respective kingdoms,
Perhaps they plan how to capture the other,
And after that…where to set up their castle.
Heart 1 to Heart 2: Checkmate